Saturday, 9 April 2011

So what have I been up to in the past few days?

Well as it was the end of a financial year, I have sorted my last year accounts and got ready for this year, with new folder and new sections for 2011/2012. I have also started to list again in my Folksy shop - which brought me already 2 sales this week - Yay!

I also have been finnishing a custom order and will blog about that one very soon as it is a very nice summer handbag.

I have also had one more project this week - I have got a small cupboard from my friend back in September. She was leaving to start a new life in Australia and was giving a lot of things to friends as she couldn't take everything :( So she gave me this beautiful cupboard she kept her spicies in. I loved it as it has a great shape, just the colour (it was green) wouldn't fit in this place. So I was sanding and painting this week and it is nearly finnished here is a preview:

Once it's all done hanging on the wall and filled with all the pretty jars full of buttons I will blog again - I am very proud of myself :)

Have a good Sunday!


  1. That is a gorgeous cupboard - I am very jealous! :)

  2. Thanks Lisa - I love it and cannot wait to have it finnished :)

  3. thought i was following your blog but wasnt - am now, i must get on track with folksy ,sent my first sale to etsy this week - £41 to deliver to florida !! so didnt make much profit so think i should focus on folksy ??

  4. It looks beautiful, hopefully a larger photo next time?

  5. I promise that next there will be larger photo, this was sent from my phone, so next time I take the pic with my camera.

    Liz - that's great - well done! Is your postage included in the item's price? I would not do that on Etsy for your items.