Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Coin purse tutorial

So how do you make those small coin purses?
Many people who just start to sew ask this question. Believe me it is a very easy project. This is all you need:

2 pieces of outside(main) fabric - rectangle shape - 12cm X 10cm

2 pieces of heavy sew on interfacing - same size

2 pieces of lining fabric - same size

1 zip - 12cm/6inches or longer

Step 1) put the interfacing on the wrong side of you main fabrics and turn the top 1cm in and press.

Step 2)Lie the opened zip under the turnover on the main fabric and put the lining under the zip facing opposite direction to the fabric. Pin it. Sew around 0.5cm from the zip openning along the edge.

Step3) Close the zip and turn the lining back on the top of the wrong side of the main fabric and press.

Step 4) Repeat the step 2 with the second rectangle of the main fabric and lining. This start from the other side of the zip. Once it's sewn press the same way as step 3.

Step 5) open the zip to the half of the width. Lie the main fabric on the top of each other and the linings on the top of each other. Secure them with pins and sew all around, but leave the gap at the bottom of the linings.I double stich where zip ends - to secure it better.

Step 6) Turn the purse to the right side.Sew the gap in the lining and put the lining back to the purse.

That's it! your purse is now finnished! I hope that it is not very confusing and actually helpful :)

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