Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I got an advice at the beginning - hang around the forums, it keeps you noticed. Well, so I am switching between Etsy and Folksy forums everyday. Sometimes it gets interesting on one site and then other.

However recently I have been amazed about different things people have discussed. You know it wasn't just about complaining on low sales or figuring out the Twitter and Facebook. It got personal. People started to discuss their private lives, what they do and how they live. I have to admit that past 4 days of being sick I have been sitting, reading and crying. Some of the stories are so strong and emotional. You get people whose children have health problems and they really try to get as much funds out of their ETSY shops as they can to pay the healthcare bills, or you get people who lost close family - mums, dads, children. For some crafting is just the way how to get through this. People who have been made redundant or got sick and had to stay out of jobs. Stories like mothers of 5 or 6 children running their own business.

All of them are real heroes for me. Many had to battle their lives through and still have the srenght to put their talents out there and believe me they are very talented people.

I would like to say that forums are not only for getting noticed these days. It is a great opportunity to have a chat you need sometimes. And also it is nice to know a little bit more about the real people behind the nicknames :)

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  1. You are so right Eva, the forums can be very emotional at times x