Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Vincent Van Gogh in my eyes

Visiting the Van Gogh exhibition in London over the weekend brought some memories.
I remember sitting in my Nana's bedroom and looking at the replica of Sunflowers. You know when you look at them and just think why is everyone going on about this painting? It's just a vase and some flowers. However every single time I was looking at that picture I caught myself just starring at it. The same happenned with the portrait of Doctor Gachet. He looked so sad, I just wanted to ask him what is wrong? He had the talent to capture the reality of the moment and that is what is so fascinating about him.

Then I remember coming to London and within few days rushing to National Gallery. There it was the real Sunflowers. They were shinning across the room, I didn't even have to look for long. I stood in front of them for at least 20 minutes. You cannot help it.

Most of his paintings and drawings are very captivating. So was this exhibition. And it was even better as there were letters to his broher Theo and sister Emilie as well. That gives you a better picture of his life which is so important sometimes to understand his art.

If he would only know that one day people will be queing to see his art for over an hour :)

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