Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First month

A month on Etsy, a week on Folksy, my first business cards, my first sale my new whole world.

That's how I would describe my first month in craft business. I have to say that I love it. My eyes are either stuck to the sewing machine, hook or a computer most of the time. What is the best about it? I think the inspiration from other people on these websites. You see so much talent out there, so you want to participate with yours as well.

Which one is better - Etsy or Folksy?
Well, I had my first sale on Etsy however the traffic there is really heavy and to get spotted you have to really be stuck on computer all day. Folksy seems to be to me more friendly, especially the forums. There are just very lovely people who all create some lovely pieces. I also get more views there without promoting.
Etsy is good because is more well known in the world,more potential customers.

I have also joined Craftjuice and have to say that love it. My stuff is getting pretty high votes there so far and it is another great way how to pomote. That was actually my first big lesson - promoting and promting for free. And so - my day starts with logging into all of those websites - Etsy, Folksy, Twitter, Facebook, Craftjuice, Blog, Flickr........

Hopefully more and more of the buyers notice lovely products soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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