Saturday, 13 March 2010

Crochet - how did it all start?

So how does a young woman get to sitting on the sofa and crochet everyday? Well, it is probably not very common among the young people of my age. However there are exceptions.

I can only thank my dear grandmother for teaching me this technique. It was one of our holiday there - in a big country house full of that old times athmosphere. I realised very quickly that this is something very easy and something I could put my creativity into too. That week I have crocheted my first bag. I was 14 and so proud of myself that I was taking that bag everywhere I went. I have even decorated it with some beads.

I have studied fashion at the high school in Slovakia. Just that you know we study high schools for 4 years - from the age of 15 to 19.You can choose a school speacialising in some subject like fashion or computers, etc. As I have chosen fashion, all of the 4 years were very creative and I always tried to sneak my crochet somewhere into the designs. Then as the final year came we had to choose a project we were going to work on for our final marks. I have picked Nepal theme and half crocheted the whole dress. The other half was done by wax batique. I got very good marks for that which was a great satisfaction.

Then I came to London and my creative days had to stop for some time. There were more important things to do when I was 20 and first time away from home - party, job, boyfriends, learning new language and again party :)
However this did not take that long. As soon as I found a pencil I was drawing and s soon as I found a sewing machine I was sewing again.

And then I went home to visit my family and I found this hook my Granny gave me. I took it with me back to London and from then on I am crocheying. I started again around 3 years ago. I was making beanies and working in the big bank as a day job. They all loved my hats.......

Then I felt pregnant and had my beautiful baby girl. So there was a new reason to start to crochet. I though,I would like to sell my stuff and so I found ETSY............

It has been two weeks since I opened the shop but I did not stop crocheing and sewing and love every minute of it. I can thank my Granny for passing this skill on me and wish she could see all of my designs - hopefully she is looking from up there.
Who knows maybe one day my litle girl will crochet and write similar blog.............

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  1. Lovely! I wish I had listened to my Gramma!
    Your crochet is so sweet. I am here from your Etsy blog post! so you see its happening already for you
    good luck and best wishes