Thursday, 11 March 2010

Settling in

It has been a week and half since I opened the shop on Etsy. I even had a first sale after few days. Exciting, exciting. However from then on, it is veeeeeeeeeeery sloooooooow, so I am promoting and promoting. It is interesting how much time I spend on the internet now. Starting with my shop site, then to twitter, blog, flickr, facebook.

I go to Etsy forums a lot and look for some tips there. I have to say that there are some great and helpful people. I just did not expect this kind of community in the business. I supposed that that is one of the things that Etsy makes different.

I also love to look up the other shops. It is just incredible how many talented - very tanted people are out there. And it is amazing that they can get this opportunity to promote their work, something you could only dream of 20 years ago.

So have a good day all of you an happy promoting:)))

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