Thursday, 14 April 2011

Haberdashery - my favourite shop

Well not so favourite with my husband though as I tend to spend there more time than in some department store and sometimes even spend more money than in the department store :)))

Don't you love entering the world of all those bits you need and want. The trouble is that there are always some temptations around and I have to keep telling myself - not today but usually get it anyway:)
I am trying to be good and bring a list of things I need to buy. Well that list is forgotten within few seconds and I find myself filling the shopping basket with all sorts of fat quarters, buttons,trimmings...........
The best section is the bargain corner - and the zipper basket - I always come home with at least 10 of them :) Then slowly move to cotton fabrics and picking the ones I want - that takes ages. On the way to the cashier I spot the interfacing and has to buy it :) So when I am finally in the queue and waiting to be served I look around and realise that I didn't buy what I wanted at all. Back to the shop taking stuff out of the basket and buying the stuff I have on the list.

The best part is to get home and taking your goodies out - then the game starts - mix and match and thinking about all of those pretties to be made out of them - loving it!

Does it sound familiar? Or are you very good and just buy what you need?

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