Saturday, 25 September 2010

Merton Abbey Mills Market

I have done my second week at Abbey Mills Market this saturday. I had a stall in the main square this time which was very exciting.

Merton Abbey Mills is a lovely market in Colliers Wood, South London. As it is my local market and I often visited in the past it was natural for me to try to get a stall one day. And the time came this september when I have seen the advert that they run the stalls fo free as they are trying to make the market even more popular. It is a great opportunity especially for local crafters but also for anyone who would like to have a go. And it is just great to see the market full of stalls. They have some lovely food stall - I bought a really delicious curry there and the brownies are just top class:)

Other stalls are mainly craft stalls and you can really see some very talented people there. You get artists with their paintings, soap maker, jewellery makers, paperclip bowls, bags and many more items - all handmade with love :)

I have googled some history of this complex of beautiful buildings and found out that it used to be a textile factory and in 1881 it bacame home of the Morris&co workshops - or very famous textile designer William Morris. Even Liberty's have been involved since 19th century. During World War II part of the site was used to construct gun-turrets for the Bristol Blenheim fighter-bomber. So there is a lots of history and you can see that when you pass by.

These days many visitors are coming to have a lunch in one of the lovely cafe's where you can find all different kind of meals and there is also a colourhouse theatre - very good entertaimnet for the little ones. One of my favourite is to walk by the river around the old watermill.
So something for everyone -

And here are some of my fellow crafters :)

Paintings by paintress Iren Puj and jewellery and ceramics by

Bear stall by and ceramic pendants by

Handmade card by Muffin ink and illustrations by

Handmade soap by and Wendy's jewellery's stall

Me and my little helper :)


  1. Very cool - cute helper Eva :) Do you have to provide your own table? I think it looks very good indeed!

    Lisa x

  2. You need a table if you are a casual trader, not sure about regulars, the best is to contact them. The helper is my daughter :)