Thursday, 30 September 2010

Folksy Friday - wall clock

Wall clock is something which is very important in every house. We have our clock in the kitchen. This is the place where we need to know the time for all sorts of reasons - how long is the chocolate cake on, if is the coffee time, lunch time.............And here are some beautiful ideas for some of the wall clocks:

Celtic wall clock from Gelert Design

Slate Heart Clock from Driftmoods

Stripy CD Clocks from Elibee Gifts

Clock from LW Fused Glass

Nostalgic Vintage Tin Clock from Fizzy Popov


  1. Wow - some great clocks!
    And thanks for including mine in such a fine selection

  2. Great picks, the fused glass clock is just awesome! x

  3. Thank you for including my clock.Elisa.x

  4. Beautiful clock finds. Love them all1