Saturday, 23 July 2011

Being featured in the Making magazine (and so proud :)

I have been reading through one article on Etsy back in February or March. It was about being featured in the magazines and how to approach this. It was very interesting reading as I would never actually though about myself approaching the magazines.

Well, I have browsed a few titles, and got the email addresses and sent the emails to them. The worst that could happen would be that they will not reply. So I waited a week, 2 weeks, a month - and none of them replied. LOL

After a few weeks I just forgot about this at all and carried on with my shops as usual. Then my blackberry made that email noise. I got an email from the editor of Making magazine and OMG she was asking me to make a make up bag to be featured in the issue 11 - WOW. I immediately rang my husband jumping while on the phone, so had to repeat myself 3 times :) A couple of weeks later I sent my bag and step by step instructions to the magazine and waited.................

Today my local whsmith was opening at 9am. I got there 8.55am impatiently waiting while my 2years girlie named all the things she wants from that shop. I just kept saying, yes darling :)))
Then the door opened and within seconds I found the magazine with 2 big pages of my make up bag :) I called my husband again, my mum (still jumping) and told the lady on the till that I have been featured in there, so I am buying two, but might come for more :)
And the bonus was waiting for me at home as the postman left one issue there for me too!

Well, this is very very exciting and makes me proud and even more confident with my designs.

PS: the bag has been featured in Making magazine, issue 11 (September), pages 73-74 - happy reading!


  1. Wow! Congratulations. You must be thrilled.
    Cat X

  2. That's great, your bags are lovely. I will have a look when I'm out shopping.
    I would react in an exactly the same way...
    I am planning to approach a few magazines so thanks for your advice. Martina x