Sunday, 20 March 2011

How do we mothers do it?

Yes, how do we find the time to do crafting apart of all the cleaning, cooking, child entertaining, parenting and working? I have read a few forum posts from other mums and most of us are doing exactly the same thing - organise the day as it goes. With me it all depends on the weather and my child's sleep. In England the good weather doesn't come often especially in winter, so when the sun is out - we are out too. In days like that you could find me sewing only in the evenings. But they are my evenings and I love them.

I once read a post from a lady saying that she has 4 children and how she finds the time to do all of her pretties:) I had a look in her shop and could see that she had a lots of sales. After that I don't complain anymore about not having time. I just find it. There are days you can't - they are days when I am tired or too busy with household and family. However there are also many days when I do a lots of sewing and crafting.

It's all about finding your own way, your own time.

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  1. I agree - crafting time is mainly a little in the evenings for me too, although swimming lessons and an hour at the play barn are great knitting opportunities now my girls are a little older!