Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fabric designer of the week - Dena Fishbein

I would like to introduce one fabric designer/manufacturer a week. It will be someone, whose work I like or just came across in my daily fabric hunt on the web:) I am sure that anybody who sews is the same with fabric - you never have enough. So today it will be Dena Fishbein.

I actually found Dena Designs while browsing for fabric in czech online shop and fell in love with the colours. So I have done a bit of a research :)

Dena Fishbein is an artist, illustrator, author, designer and a textile designer. She has founded the company Dena Designs more than 20 years ago and became an international success over the years with many awards.

Dena is designing not only fabrics but also cards and stationary from expression collection .

Well my favourite is the Kumari Gardens collection:

I love the bright and refreshing colours in this collection - great for spring/summer projects.

Here are a few links to the uk online shops where you can buy Dena Designs fabric -

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