Tuesday, 31 August 2010

So what's new with Eva B Designs?

Well, I started to make a lots of new stock of hats and headbands. And I am loving it. You could find me these days snowed under the piles of wool and hats and buttons. This is a little example of my latest crochet mania:

And I am trying to get a stall for one of the September weekends in my local market - Abbey Mills in London. So far I have spoken to the manager of the market and he put me on the casual list and will let me know in case there will availability, so fingers cross :)
I have also emailed to a lady from South Croydon Craft fair which will take place on 4th December if there is anything available - I am waiting for the reply. However it would be fantastic if they say yes and I could do both of the venues.

So please my lovely followers, keep your fingers crossed for me :)


  1. Ooh Eva, I hope you get the South Croydon gig - I'm going to be there!

  2. PS... tried to follow, but Google won't let me!

  3. Beautiful hat and great photo! Good luck with the markets :-)

  4. Oh we used to go to Abbey Mills when we lived in London, You'd do well there I think - best of luck!

  5. Thanks to all, and I am looking forward seeing you in December Lemonade and Lamingtons - paid for the craft show yesterday :)