Friday, 3 September 2010


So I decided that as the number of my blog followers is growing (100) I am going to do a giveaway. It will be very simple. Just answer the below question and I will pick the winner from one of the answers under this post.
You have time until Monday 6th September at 8pm. You are probably asking what will be the prize - well it will be one of my designs and you can pick the colours :)
So here is the question and good luck:

What is the funniest story you have from your school times?

Thank you :)


  1. That's easy lol we was in our last year of high school and was going to to a school disco so we stopped off at an off licence on the way and grabbed loads of bottles of bud, hooch, 20/20 and I also had a lil bottle half whiskey half coke lol needless to say I was pissed as a fart by 8pm and the school phoned my parents to come and fetch me cos they thought I was on drugs pmsl :oP still had to go into school the next day to do my art coursework I felt so ill and was the talk of the school heheh xXx

  2. When I was about 13 or 14, we had 'home economics' as they called it then, first lesson, and a friend dared me to eat a whole clove of garlic, no problem says I. Appart from the fact that that much raw garlic actually burnt my throat, I had to spend the whole of the rest of the day stinking to high heaven and with a woolly scarf wrapped round my face, trying to muffle the stink!

    It was not a cold day, I was very hot and embarrassed and every class teacher, with exception, complained about the smell and did anyone know where it was coming from!!!!

    All the kids just giggled and I did not live it down! Still, I was safe from Vamps, boys and any social interaction that day at all!

    Natalie x

  3. Oh gosh! I haven't thought about it in a while now but once we got into high school we had this really clumsy friend and one day while walking down the hall to get to our lockers before class she was walking and talking and one of our other friends stopped to tie her show and my clumsy friend tumbled right over her and slid all the way down the hall to the science room and all the teachers around came running to check on her I know it sounds mean but she wasnt hurt and it really was funny!!

  4. Our last day of school in the 4th yr, we had a shaving foam fight on the bank (it was planned for after school but somehow happened before)The bank looked like it had been snowing and we were covered all you could see were our eyes. We were hauled in front of the head and deputy who were telling us off. The headmaster then excused himself and went into his office and we could here him laughing, the deputy head then excused himself, and went into the office and they were both howling with laughter. Our punishment was that we had to spend the day in school stinking of shaving foam, and sticky. Our hair was a mess!

  5. me and my friends got caught pinching lollys from the tuck shop. We were sent to the head of year to be told off. We all sat there looking sheepish when she called us a bunch of " lemons" which at the time was slang for a lesbian that was it then we couldnt stop giggling!

  6. Oh my, school seams to far back, but going way way back to infants! a few of us got kept in at lunch time for a week because we were playing kiss chase (aged 7ish) and 4 girls managed to pin one boy to the ground, much to the Tut tut of a teacher. I wouldn't mind but I didn't discover boys until aged 14-15, and had my first kiss at the ripe of late age of 17!

  7. I was singing sort of like Hank Williams, twangy in kindergarten class while the teacher played the piano. She asked who was singing so horribly. Tone deaf, I didn't get the clue she meant me. When she began playing the piano again, I began singing again. We all kept singing having a great old time until she stopped mid note, and there I was just oblivious to the world singing my heart out like I was at the Grand Ole Opry.

  8. Oh how fun! I hope I can enter from Canada?
    Anyway I was in high school and was finally asked out by my long-time crush. We were sitting in the grass together...then we pulled me onto his lap and I was sitting on his lap all lunch hour. I noticed something smelly, but didnt say anything ( not wanting to ruin my perfect lunch with my new guy).
    Then the bell rang and we all got up to go to class, and my best friend pulled me aside and noticed I had sit in a big pile of fresh dog -doo. I imagine it was all over his lap- eek. I didnt see him that day and never did mention it to him ...luckily I changed in to my gym shorts for the rest of the day. So embarrassing and funny.