Sunday, 23 May 2010

My first 3 months on ETSY

It went so fast and OMG - how much I learned during this time :) I was so excited when I got my first sale after just a few days there and then I got so low for not having any sale for a month :( However in April, everything changed and the sales started to come more often. Total 9 sales for first 3 months- nothing to get rich from but also not that dissapointing.

It is hard work behind them though. I have been listing nearly everyday in April and that seemed to be the real key to the sales. And of course promotion, promotion promotion. I don't spend as much time on my laptop as I did 2 months ago, however if you want to sell you have to do your own PR and do it a lot - on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Craftjuice and wherever else you can. I joined forums which brings you another huge audience and potential customers as the Etsy forums are available to public.
Another way to promote is to have a blog - keep in touch with the customers and other sellers by writing about your work.

3 months, 9 sales, some interesting and very talented people I met - so hopefully on the way to success even more :)

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  1. I think that is pretty good from what I hear from others on etsy.I am one of your friends on dreanaid 'stowlybox'
    I hope you get the same luck on there too!
    I have had one sale so far I joined may 14th
    As you say one has to promote all the time.Do you get sales from facebook promotions.I must get the courage to sign up
    Jeanie x